Republican incumbent Tom Emmer faces a rematch in a 6th Congressional District primary against Patrick Munro, who unsuccessfully challenged him in primaries in 2016 and 2018. The winner of the Aug. 11 primary will face DFL candidate Tawnja Zahradka, who has no primary challenger, in the November general election.

Thomas Emmer Jr.

Age: 59

Family: My wife Jacquie and our 7 children

Education: University of Alaska - Fairbanks (BA), William Mitchell College of Law (JD)

Occupation: Attorney

Years lived in district: 15+ years

Community involvement (top 3): None listed

Contact information:, 763-441-1270

What distinguishes you from the other candidate?

It is a privilege to serve the residents of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District in Congress. It is a responsibility that I do not take for granted. I strive to uphold the Midwestern values that my constituents sent me to Washington to promote. Since being elected I have worked hard to remain accountable and achieve policy victories on issues that matter most to my constituents. I have hosted 24 town halls in my first 24 months in Congress, and held 18 since the start of the most recent Congress in 2019 (one a month). I have led legislation to fund mental health programs for our nation’s agriculture community facing times of economic distress and sponsored efforts to improve the way law enforcement interviews sexual assault victims. I have helped secure tens of millions of dollars in federal transportation funding for projects in the 6th Congressional District, opposed bloated omnibus spending bills and continue to use Minnesota-led initiatives as ideas in Congress of how we can improve as a nation.

What are your top three priorities if elected?

Looking ahead, I remain focused on supporting policies that reduce our federal debt and deficit; lifting the burden of one-size-fits-all regulations on families and businesses; and working to ensure every American feels safe and secure in their community. We owe it to future generations to ensure this country remains a land of freedom and opportunity for everyone, and I remain fully committed to working towards those goals.

Patrick D. Munro

Age: 56

Family: Unmarried. Son and granddaughter and many nieces and nephews

Education: Master of Business Administration/Bachelor of Science Business Administration, Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Master’s thesis: The Chinese Business Environment: Elements of Strategy. Currently finishing two technical diplomas at Hennepin Technical College: Mechatronics and Industrial Engineer Building Maintenance (IBEM).

Occupation: Self-employed

Years lived in district: 19

Community involvement (top 3): Knights of Columbus, Christ Our Light Catholic Church, Concerned Veterans for America.

Contact information:, 763-260-4313

What distinguishes you from the other candidate?

I believe I have the right combination of experience and education to be an excellent congressional representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. I am a retired Master Sergeant in the United States Army Retired Reserve. I have three Mission Occupational Specialties as a member of the United States Army Reserve: Light Infantry, Chemical, Civil Affairs. I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom War Veteran during which I served as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. The area of operations that I served in Iraq was known as the “Triangle of Death.” Our mission was to win the “hearts and minds” of the people of Iraq, and we were successful in our mission until President Obama and Vice President Biden destroyed our hard work by pulling the troops out of Iraq too soon. I have made life and death decisions. I know what it is like to see fellow warriors and countrymen and women “give it all” (their life) for their country.

I have owned a small business and have experienced the hard work of being a small business owner. I understand how overreaching of government and excess regulation can negatively affect the profitability of a business and that is why I believe in limited government.

I know the world is a dirty and dangerous place. In my studies for my master’s degree I visited China. I believe the Chinese Communist Party is our greatest national security challenge. My education and service in our Armed Forces has equipped me to act wisely in dealing with the very dangerous and evil Chinese Communist Party.

My father and grandparents were physicians (my grandmother was a pediatrician) who graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Dealing with COVID-19 is a complicated process, and sound science is our greatest weapon against it. I do not believe we have to shut down the economy again. I believe we must open up our economy completely while practicing proven virus mitigation techniques, such as, good hygiene, social distancing and good nutrition. If we do not have a vaccine, managed herd immunity is our only option.

I am an American Jobs for Americans candidate. I am not a globalist like our current congressman. I am against the H1B visa programs used by globalist corporatists that lower the quality of life of our fellow citizens.

I am pro-life/pro 2nd Amendment.

What are your top three priorities if elected?

Economy, national security and a balanced budget.

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