The vaccine mandates that have been forced onto us by President Joe Biden and Gov. Tim Walz is the hill to die on. This is the biggest issue of our lifetimes as the fundamental core of the American way of life is denied. Our God given natural rights require exemptions and we have lost the ability to decide our own medical choices. The mandates will fire tens of thousands of talented Minnesotans. Vaccinated or not, we need to stand together to oppose these mandates because this tyranny will continue for future generations if we do not stop it now!

We need to use every tool in our toolbox to fight these measures. Perhaps our strongest option is to look to the Republican majority State Senate. There is a long awaited special session that we need to see immediately to end all vaccine mandates whether they be federal, state, local, or private. The special session will be about passing the Frontline Worker Pay Bill, so we need to force the State Senate to add the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment to it. The State Senate split is 34 Republicans, 31 Democrats, and 2 Independents, so every single Republican Senator needs to be held accountable on this issue.

We need to demand that our state Sen. Michelle Benson, who is also running for governor, gets behind the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment and gets the rest of her colleagues on board. Let’s all call her up at 651-296-3219 and demand she stands up for our freedom! We need constitutional and conservative leadership from Michelle Benson. Will she step up to the plate or leave her constituents to face unemployment? Give her a call because it could make the difference and save our state. — Michele Belden, Zimmerman

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