Thank you, Teresa McNamee, executive director, Rivers of Hope, for your thoughtful and informative letter published in the Aug. 29 Star News. The horror of Autumn Hallow’s murder was a shock to our community. The torture she endured which culminated in her death is unthinkable, and yet it happened here. As a former volunteer with Rivers of Hope, I know how important community can be in keeping children and families safe. Dawn Moyer is one of my heroes; she changed our corner of the world for the better with her dedication to peace and hope, and her hard work on behalf of all those living in unsafe situations.

It’s important to believe in the power of our communities to have the difficult conversation on how to keep children safe. Coming together is the way communities achieve any important goal, and saving abused children is a fundamentally important goal. I hope that our communities will come together on behalf of the safety of our children, and I believe we have the power to create change. —Rita Clark-Johnson, Elk River

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