Tennis courts across Elk River open again

Photo by Jim Boyle

Tennis action on the evening of April 29 at District 728’s newest courts near VandenBerge Middle School in Elk River.

Tennis courts across Elk River are open once again — with signs reminding people to practice social distancing.

The Elk River Police Department became concerned during the earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that people were congregating at the courts while people waited to play.

After hearing that those individuals milling around and not practicing social distancing would be cited, the Elk River Area School District locked up its courts.

The school district was recently asked to reopen them, and it did, acknowledging it would not be monitoring them.

So far, it appears people have been using the courts for tennis and not for congregating in groups.

Signs calling for social distancing have been placed at Elk River courts owned by District 728.

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