Sherburne parents and guardians,

We get it! There’s a lot of information in the news and on social media about marijuana, and it can be difficult to know what’s true.

“When I was a kid …” doesn’t really work when talking with your kids about marijuana today. It’s a whole new ballgame, so it’s important to know the facts, understand them, and be able to talk to your teen about the harmful effects of using marijuana at their age. If you are confused about marijuana ... imagine how your teen feels.

The good news is that local data indicates that MOST Sherburne County youth do not use marijuana in a typical month; however, many students think that more of their classmates use marijuana than what is actually occurring, according to the findings of the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey.

Over the next few months, we’ll be mailing out a “Talk Early Toolkit” postcard series. Each will feature a few facts about what’s really going on with marijuana, and some tips for talking to your child about it. We hope you will find the information valuable.

In the meantime, visit the SUP website for conversation starters and helpful videos: — Alicia Maxwel, Sherburne Substance Use Prevention Coalition

(Editor’s note: Maxwell is the project coordinator of the Sherburne Substance Use Prevention Coalition. For more information visit #TalkEarlyTalkOften)

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