Sixth graders learn how bills become laws

State Rep. Eric Lucero, R-Dayton, visited Prairie View Elementary/Middle School in Otsego recently.

Rep. Lucero visits Otsego’s Prairie View Elementary and Middle School

Sixth grade social studies teacher Maranda Cameron invited state Rep. Eric Lucero, R-Dayton, to Prairie View Elementary/Middle School in Otsego to visit with two of her classes and discuss the role of a state representative and how laws are made.

“Origin of our rights from the Creator, the Constitution, republic form of government, separation of powers, and federalism were among the topics I discussed during my visit with two sixth-grade classes,” Lucero said. “The students were engaged and asked great questions.”

Lucero said he issued pocket Constitutions and copies of two bills he chief authored last legislative session to each of the approximately 60 students. One bill (H.F. 187), which was signed into law, reimbursed Wright County for the costs to defend itself against the lawsuit brought by the former state auditor. The other bill (H.F. 114) relates to Lucero’s continued fight for equity in education funding, helping increase K-12 funding for students in non-metro school districts such as Elk River, STMA, and Buffalo.

“I brought with me copies of both H.F. 187 and H.F. 114 to distribute so students could see actual bills being discussed as part of the legislative process for bills to become laws,” Lucero said.

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