Sherburne County election staff are still tabulating Absentee Ballots that were received during the past week. Any unofficial election results that have been posted are not considered complete at this time.

“Unfortunately, the Secretary of State’s Election Results website does not make it clear that 100% of precincts reporting can also mean that these precincts are only reporting partial results” noted Sherburne County Auditor-Treasurer Diane Arnold.

In most elections, such tabulation of unofficial results continues past election night. This year, however, poses additional challenges, given the large number of persons electing to vote absentee.

According to Ms. Arnold, “our best estimate is that some 7,000 absentee ballots (out of 21,454 accepted absentee ballots) remain to be counted from across all of Sherburne County’s 35 precincts.”

Despite Minnesota allowing for two days to complete this year’s tabulation, updated results of Sherburne County’s unofficial election totals are expected to be completed and posted on the Secretary of State’s website later today.

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