The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners has approved a 2022 budget of $113,635,319.

This includes a property tax levy of $54,889,085.

That’s $51,000 less than the budget and levy numbers presented at the Dec. 2 Truth in Taxation hearing. It represents a 4.86% increase from the 2021 levy.

Assistant County Administrator Dan Weber said the county tax base grew approximately 9.9% for taxes payable in 2022.

“The levy request of 4.86% represents less than half the county growth, which will reduce the tax rate for the eighth consecutive year,” he told the County Board of Commissioners.

In a letter to the County Board, County Administrator Bruce Messelt said the impact on the average homestead property would actually decrease if the property’s taxable value remained constant. However, since the average residential taxable valuation has gone up approximately 7.3%, Messelt said the impact would be less than $8 a month on the average residential homesteaded property in Sherburne County.

The County Board approved the 2022 budget and levy on Dec. 21, the last meeting of 2021.

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