I am a concerned citizen of Minnesota who is in favor of reelecting President Trump. I am tired of the Democrat-controlled Minnesota failing her citizens with months of violent protests allowed to continue, calls to defund the police and breaking our economy in the process. President Trump has done more for this nation’s safety, economy, and international politics in four years than Joe Biden has in his 47 years of government work.

Many good Minnesotans recognize the failing as well. The #WALKAWAY movement has citizens switching to Trump from democrat; including six Minnesotan democrat mayors who signed a letter endorsing President Trump over Joe Biden. President Trump has loudly and proudly proclaimed his support for the law enforcement in a time when Joe Biden has done next to nothing to call for peace. President Trump has the endorsement of the National Association of Police, which had previously backed President Obama (again, with Joe Biden as his vice president).

This week, President Trump brokered a historical peace deal between Israel & United Arab Emirates (with Bahrain joining in). No Arab country has made peace with Israel since her founding in 1948. In fact, under President Obama (when Joe Biden served as Vice President), the tyrannical Iran government was given billions of dollars and increased instability throughout the region. This instability had a negative impact on nearly a billion citizens in the region through danger, war, and economic collapse, which also had adverse effects on America.

World stabilization in international affairs only echoes what President Trump has accomplished in his own internal affairs. Bringing more than 4 million jobs to America’s economy, including 400,000 in manufacturing, he brought America to the highest economic point it had been in history. He plans on rebuilding America’s economy through jobs and small business support. Biden plans on sending jobs to China instead of helping America build herself back to success.

Let’s Minnesotans come together to reelect President Trump who works for our safety, our economy, and America first. — Kris Studniski, Elk River

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