A portion of Sherburne County has a choice this November: reelect Commissioner Tim Dolan or elect a newcomer. In all sincerity, I do not remember the lady’s name who is running against Commissioner Dolan. But, even as a member of the public who reads this paper weekly, I do not care to know her name. Why?

Because we, as residents of Sherburne County are sincerely blessed with, an admittedly young, but an effective and transparent leader that is not afraid to engage with Sherburne County residents. During my years in the military, I learned that the best leaders have this quality: transparency. That is why I call on each voter with the opportunity to reelect Commissioner Dolan to do so.

Transparency, of course, is also the key to stable and ethical government. To anyone that is considering voting for the newcomer (again I sadly forget her name), why risk dismissing a transparent and effective leader like Commissioner Dolan? Sometimes we mistake our form of government by calling it a democracy, when it is in fact a republic (Google will tell anyone the difference).

In this republic, we need effective transparent leaders like Commissioner Tim Dolan. That is especially so for local levels. So I urge everyone to vote for him. I can confidently say as a resident of Sherburne County that we cannot afford to lose him.

Lastly, please know I cannot vote for commissioner because I live in Livonia Township on Lake Fremont. But that has not stopped Commissioner Dolan from spending his time during valuable nights and weekends from speaking with me on critical issues that affect me and every member of Sherburne County. As a retired military member that led other Americans into combat to defend our constitutional republic, I truly believe reelecting the commissioner for four more years here in Sherburne County will be in all of our interest as Americans. — Ryan Carlson, Zimmerman

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