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Keith Quammen received his Elk River Volunteer of the Month award from Mayor John Dietz.

Keith Quammen was awarded Elk River Volunteer of the Month at the Nov. 15 Elk River City Council meeting.

Mayor John Dietz, who established this award program, selected Quammen for his commitment to bettering the community.

Quammen is an active volunteer at Elk River Lutheran Church, assisting with various projects, building maintenance, general handyman work and ushering.

He is a Sergeant of Arms for Elk River Legion, where he also devotes significant time to helping with fish fries, burger nights, yard work and maintenance of the facility. Quammen is also part of the Legion Post 112 Honor Guard, and is also responsible for raising and lowering the flag at the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce and the Elk American River Legion.

Learn more about award eligibility and submit a nomination for by visiting ElkRiverMN.gov/VolunteerRecognition.

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