by Jim Boyle


A crowd of about 100 people held a pro-impeachment protest at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 17 outside of Rep. Tom Emmer’s Otsego office.

They were among estimates as high as  200,000 people nationwide who attended similar events all over the country.

They came together with the assistance of the, which billed the rallies as a chance to show: “Nobody is Above the Law.”

The group wants two things — for President Donald Trump to be impeached, which the United States House of Representatives did on Dec. 18 — and for him to be removed from office, which is what the United States Senate must decide by conducting a trial.

The peaceful protest in Otsego was held along Parrish Avenue near Emmer’s offices. It included individuals who had been to Emmer’s office before to protest and some new faces.

Greg Marotteck, of Otsego, says Donald Trump is a danger to America’s free elections and democracy.  

“I have been a life-long Republican for over 40 years and am horrified at the direction of the Republican party the past few yearsm: he said.  “I can no longer support the Republican party and absolutely cannot support Trump under any circumstances.

“This is an important issue for me because I have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild and would like them to have a future that  respects a free press, free electio

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