I have known Paul Novotny for years through our common involvement as Republicans and his work in the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office. I also know Paul’s wife and daughters as I see them work together as a family and that he has their full support. A strong family matters.

When considering support for a candidate, I first look for a conservative heart and a deeply held value for all things conservative; a constitutional conservative that has deep respect for the rule of law and knows our Constitution. I look for a solid work ethic. Running for office is hard work. I look for good judgment, because not all things are simple and that depth of a conservative heart will manifest itself during the hustle of a campaign and in the demands of the Legislature.

Paul Novotny has those qualities and I am glad to give him my endorsement.

Lastly, Paul Novotny is someone I know I can trust to work hard alongside me as I work on behalf of Elk River, Big Lake and Otsego. Paul Novotny is a relationship builder that easily connects with people with care, and despite differing opinions he is always respectful of everyone he encounters. This will be extremely valuable as we work together.

Seeing those values in Paul and knowing his conservative positions, my husband Ralph and I are glad to support Paul Novotny and encourage you to cast your vote for Paul Novotny to become the next State Representative for House District 30A on Feb. 4.  — State Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, District 30

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