Otsego City Council: Jeffrey Dahl

Jeffrey Dahl

Jeffrey Dahl

Age: 45

Address: 6319 Mason Avenue Northeast

Family: Married with three kids

Education: Associates Degree in Business Management, Minnesota School of Business

1. Briefly summarize your personal background and qualifications.

I do not have any formal experience or qualifications in city government however, my strengths are working with individuals in the community, problem solving and networking. I also have held several leadership positions and have over twenty-two years of customer service experience. Being a father of three, I also want to make Otsego a wonderful and affordable place for people to raise their children as I have for the past seven years.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment in public life?

My greatest accomplishment has been mentoring others, to provide them with guidance and support in order for them to succeed in their professional and personal goals.

3. What prompted you to run for Otsego City Council?

I am hoping to maintain the current property tax rate due to them increasing significantly in a short period of time and possibly have them decrease in the upcoming years to make housing affordable to everyone. I also care about the quality of life and keeping the city economically viable for years to come therefore ensuring projects (Fire station and Water Tower) are completed in a timely manner and most importantly on budget.  Also, I am hoping to bring a fresh perspective to the City Council by not having any formal experience.

4. What are your top three priorities if you are elected?

•Water filtration system for Otsego’s water supply.

•Ensure the Fire Station and fourth Water Tower are completed on time and within budget

•Collaborate with Wright County on how to stabilize our property tax rate increase

5. What decision of the Otsego City Council have you liked most and why? What decision of the Otsego City Council have you liked least and why?

I think the addition of the Fire Station is a great asset for our growing community for many reasons, the two main, being job growth and protection.  I am very discouraged with the decision to build a fourth Water Tower without considering a filtration system.

6. How would you rate the level of collaboration and partnership with the Elk River Area School District and or Wright County? What do you see as opportunities for increased collaboration between either of the two or both?

I believe improvements are being made to many schools in the district but with the overall growth in many areas within the District, there needs to be foresight in planning and just not planning for the immediate need. This was evident when they built Prairie View Elementary and Middle School and needed an addition one year later.   I also think collaborating with Wright County on the needs of the City should always be a priority, especially as the city grows.  

7. What experience do you have working with large budgets? What would be your approach to budgeting for the city? What city services would you consider reducing to balance a budget or cover new expenditures deemed necessary or important?

I do not have much experience with large budgets and will rely on the other council members and Mayor for guidance in that matter. However, I do know how to spend within a budget.

My approach on budgeting is completing the most important expenditures first and then vote on priorities when needed based on how much the city has in the treasury for emergencies.

8. What do you see as the most significant changes to Otsego in the last 10 years, and what do you hope could be said about Otsego in another 10 years?

In the seven years I have lived here, there have been new homes built continuously and numerous road construction projects completed. This great city is expanding rapidly and we will need to keep it family friendly along with being able to serve the aging parks with plenty of recreational options for all ages. It has been nice answering these questions and I hope to serve this great City of Otsego after the November election.

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