Opioid exposure scare at Sherburne County jail diminishes after clinic staff and correctional officers check out fine at hospital

A Sherburne County Jail inmate required hospitalization after a medical emergency June 27, but accompanying concerns of a possible opioid exposure to jail clinic staff and correctional officers diminished when they were checked at nearby hospitals and determined to be fine.

Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott reported the inmate was taken to the hospital Wednesday after experiencing a medical emergency. He said four contracted jail medical personnel were also taken to a hospital after at least one reported tingling in their fingers, which raised the concerns of opioid exposure.

Seven jail correctional officers also elected to be treated and were taken to a hospital, Brott said. The medical personnel and correctional officers all checked out fine and were released.

An initial screening indicated the inmate was not under the influence of any illegal substances. The Sherburne County Sheriff’s news release did not say what the medical emergency was, and noted that personal medical information about the inmate is prohibited by statute.

A thorough search of the inmate’s cell did not reveal anything unusual or suspicious, the sheriff’s office reported.

Keeping opioids out of correctional facilities is a real concern and requires constant vigilance, Brott said. He said it’s why he supports recently proposed legislation regarding body scanners at correctional facilities.

No further information is expected to be released regarding this incident, the release stated.

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