This fall while so much attention and focus will be spent on the Presidential and Congressional campaigns there are important local elections directly impacting the lives of Sherburne County residents and the property taxes we pay. The majority of Elk River will vote for the County Commissioner for District 1. A County Commissioner is like a city council member for the county. The County Board sets the budget for the county departments (Sheriff, County Attorney, Human Services, Planning/zoning), and sets the priorities for the county moving forward. The County Board also has a significant impact on the property taxes county property owners pay annually.

I am supporting Andrew Hulse for county commissioner. Andrew served for nearly a decade as a naval flight officer and achieved the rank of lieutenant commander. After his service to our country in three deployments (including Desert Shield), Andrew held various executive level positions in aerospace and technology. Upon retirement from corporate America, Andrew and his wife Gay opened a small business and have been operating two men’s hair salons in the metro.

Over the last 10 years I have worked closely with Andrew when he was the Lake Orono Improvement Association President. Andrew helped craft and present the strategic plan for the future of the lake to the Elk River City Council. I have also been working closely with Andrew in his role as the Senate District 30 Republican Chair. In that time I have come to know Andrew’s passion for pulling back the unrestrained government growth we’ve seen the last few years, even here in Sherburne County. We desperately need that kind of mindset on the County Board.

I am really excited to support Andrew in his campaign, and I look forward to his leadership on the Sherburne County Board. —Nick Zerwas, Elk River

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