There are many people from all over calling my cell phone about inspecting my roof. I do not know how they got my number.

I did have my roof inspected earlier this year by a local contractor who found damage which the insurance company has agreed to repair. In addition to replacing the shingles the roof will be brought up to the current code.

I have received a preliminary check and will receive the rest when the work is done. I know where this local contractor lives so I am sure he will do a good job.

You can have anyone inspect your roof, but my recommendation is to not sign a contract with someone that is not local. If the job is not done right, I will tell my contractor so.

They will do the repairs in the fall when temperatures are cooler. In 90-degree heat their only wish may be to get off the roof. In my opinion it’s wise to get at least two bids, preferably three before signing a contract.

(I was told that I had a year to file a claim — so there should be no hurry.) — Raphael McDevitt Kraljic, Elk River

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