I am writing to correct Rep. Emmer’s perception that people who became unemployed due to the pandemic did not return to work because unemployment benefits had been increased, thus incentivizing remaining on unemployment benefits. I can speak to this issue specifically because my husband and I lived it. We are still living it. My husband was laid off in early March. He applied for and received unemployment payments which are now expired. I watched my husband spend hours daily applying for employment in an economy where literally no one was hiring. In fact, as I am still employed, fortunately, I was required to work from home as well. Therefore, we were required to purchase a second computer, so that my husband could still look for work, while I worked from home.

My husband in no way was a slacker, sucking from the government coffers. In fact, now that those benefits have expired for my husband, we now find ourselves living on one salary. We are frugal, thus we will survive. But I cannot allow Rep. Emmer to continue to spread the false narrative that those receiving additional compensation for unemployment benefits were incentivized to fail to gain employment. This is a lie. There was no employment to be had, especially during the first 6 months of this pandemic.

Rep. Emmer should apologize to everyone he insulted with that ridiculous remark. — Donna Seabloom, Elk River

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