With November the 3rd barreling down on us it is becoming clearer that the statement “These elections are the most consequential in modern times.” The direction of the country is in the balance, we see one party that believes that a winning strategy is to “silently” support the violence and destruction, where law enforcement are considered the enemy and looters are thought of as “peaceful protesters.”

Here in Sherburne County, we have important decisions to make. We have Tim Dolan who claims to be a conservative, but doesn’t seem to support one of the pillars of the Trump campaign, standing for the 2nd Amendment. The President has been very outspoken defending the 2nd.

In his opponent we have a candidate Anne Kostrzewski who has proven that she will work toward adding Sherburne County to the growing list of declared Sanctuary Counties, who are making it clear to St. Paul that Sherburne County will always be a safe haven for the inalienable right of the citizens to bear arms.

We need to have someone who is willing and able to resist any attempts by the MET council to expand to our county. They already have started to establish a footprint in our county with the “light rail.” The “creeping” is going to continue until adding Sherburne to their list of conquests.

Sherburne County is starting to look like some of the metro counties, from raising “Wheelage taxes,” paying lobbyist, spending massive amounts of taxpayers hard-earned money on giant new government center, changing county logos and all of the rest of the wasteful spending that is being done.

We need a commissioner who will stand up for Sherburne County. We need Anne Kostrzewski. — Boaz Erickson, Big Lake

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