Dear law enforcement,

My name is Christine Leko and I am writing on behalf of all mothers raising a black son.

I want to tell you about my son Kinyanjui (his East African name in case you are curious).

Where do I start? He has SO much going for him…

Kinyanjui is VERY thoughtful.

Kinyanjui is smart, kind, VERY thoughtful .

Kinyanjui is an avid runner.

Kinyanjui is a friend (he has quite a few friend groups).

Kinyanjui is ambitious – he has been trading stocks and is even getting into Options!

Kinyanjui is in high school – Oh yeah, and he’s also taking PSEO classes.

Kinyanjui has big dreams, dreams of being a successful businessman and making it BIG (however that looks like to him…).

Kinyanjui wants to build a house big enough so that when we are old, we can go live with him instead of a nursing home. (Bless his heart!)

Kinyanjui has two sisters, many cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family both in the United States and in Kenya.

Kinyanjui’s room is messy (he claims he knows where everything is, and wonders why he should make his bed just to lay in it again at night…).

Kinyanjui is so deeply LOVED and CHERISHED.

Kinyanjui has so much going for him…

I LOVE Kinyanjui to bits!

So, if you happen to pull him over, which you’ll likely do, remember he has SO much going for him…

He is SO much more than just a young black man behind the wheel.

Kinyanjui is so deeply LOVED and CHERISHED.

AND, he SHOULD be able to come back HOME!

With kindest regards. — Christine Leko, Elk River

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