Extra lane will give home improvement store express lane for online orders

by Kurt Nesbitt

Contributing Writer

Menards can start its expansion now that the Elk River City Council gave its approval to a permit that will allow the retailer to begin construction.

The council adopted a conditional-use permit unanimously and with no discussion or comments from the public April 15. Council member Matthew Westgaard said he had no problems with the application. Neither did the other council members.

Menards’ website offers online shopping and a choice of in-store pickup with the option of “We Pull,” where store employees pull the items in a customer’s order, or “You Pull,” where customers pick their purchased items themselves with a state-issued ID and the ticket Menards emails customers who choose the online purchasing option.

A real estate representative of Menards asked for a conditional-use permit change in February so that the Elk River location, at 19521 Evans St., can add another lane to its yard gate so that an automated express lane can go in to help online orders that have in-store pickup. A letter sent by a Menards representative to the city indicated the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, retailer is in the process of adding express lanes for online pickups at all of its stores.

According to that letter, shoppers using the service can scan a bar code from an online order and enter the yard without waiting in line at the yard gate.

“A dedicated solution to expedite online ordering and pick up is occurring at all retailers and Menards is making sure we stay competitive,” wrote Tyler Edwards, a real estate representative of Menards in his letter to Planning Director Zach Carlton.

The addition will happen on the north side of the store’s existing yard gate. Edwards’ letter says that the existing entrance and exit lanes will be shifted north so the new express lane can be added next to the store building.

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