Let’s be honest about abortions and pray for an end to merciless practice

I am writing in honor of January being the recognition of the “Sanctity of Human Life.”

All life is valuable and a gift; it is foolishness to end one life, because it is inconvenient for another life. I encourage you to pray with millions of others on Jan. 19, 2020, “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.” With your help, this merciless practice of killing the unborn can be ended. Pray for those considering an abortion and those working in the abortion industry.

If the truth is being hidden, what does that say?

If Planned Parenthood cares about women, then give women “all of the information,” be honest about services offered. Be honest that their (lavish) salaries come from abortion profits.

Be honest that after an abortion, the provider needs to count and then dispose of the baby’s little body parts; arms, legs, etc. Be honest that is it actually a baby. When a couple is expecting a baby (planned or unplanned), they don’t announce they are having a fetus. No, they say, we are expecting a baby. It is a living whole human from the time of conception.

Be honest that in a second trimester abortion, the head of the baby is slit so the brains can be sucked out in order to fit through the birth canal and dispose of the baby.

Be honest about the fact that many mothers struggle after an abortion and are in need of emotional healing afterward.

Be honest about Roe (Roe versus Wade), who became an activist against abortion. Be honest that Margaret Sanger, who birthed the abortion industry and established the organization that evolved into Planned Parenthood, was initially opposed to abortion. Later her goal was to eliminate black babies through abortion.

With your prayers and help, this merciless practice can be stopped. — Kris Studniski, Elk River

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