Kiser Construcion’s award-winning float during the parade.

Kiser Construction gives back to communities through involvement, toy drives and sponsorship of Arena No. 2 at Furniture and Things Community Event Center in Elk River

Kiser Construction, a disaster restoration and construction company, entered the Anoka Grande Day Parade for the first time this year, and the Elk River firm walked away with second place honors for its imaginative float at the Oct. 30 event.

There are first, second and third place honors given out for the best float among commercial and nonprofit entrants.

Dan Gould of Gould Jewelers took first place with their “101 Dalmatians” themed float.

Kiser Construction came in second with its “Wizard of Oz” themed float.

Minnesota Force took third place for a “Star Wars” themed float.

There are also awards given out for the best floats among visiting royalty.

The brains behind Kiser’s entry was Darren Kiser, the owner of Kiser Construction. He and other company officials had decided to construct a house that was half burned and half restored to take to different parades, but prior to Anoka’s Grande Day Parade the decision was made to “up their game,” knowing Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the World, Kiser said.

“The whole staff and crew bought into the idea and began bringing the ‘house’ to life,” Kiser added.

The house had a fog machine shooting what appeared to be smoke out the windows and running around outside of it were spooky characters, kids dressed up like a tornado and storm clouds in the front.

Meanwhile, Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow, The Lion, a Munchkin, Glinda, the Wicked Witch, some flying monkeys as well as a Yellow Brick Road helped pull it all together.

“We played music, our characters danced down the parade route handing out candy and our Wicked Witch rode her broom on top of the house,” said Kiser, who played the The Tin Man.

Just to be part of the event was exciting, but to walk away with an award was gratifying, Kiser said.

“We’re so ecstatic that people loved our float,” Kiser said. “We’re already thinking of ideas of what we can construct for next year.”

Kiser Construction is a local home upgrade and disaster restoration company specializing in restoring homes with storm, water, fire, mold, and ice dam damage, but also the company also performs complete remodeling jobs as well.

This December, the firm will be hosting a toy drive to benefit patients at Children’s Hospitals.

“We see the value in giving back to the community in which we live, our kids go to school and play sports, and because we are proud of our local communities,” Kiser said. “I also believe a company that works together and plays together stays together.”

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