In response to the Executive Power Has Saved Many Lives editorial.

These powers are financially crippling our economy.

No, I don’t believe the epidemiologists and all they are saying. In January, Tony Fauci stated that Americans have nothing to fear. Then in March he revised to state that 2 million Americans could die. All based on a University of Washington model, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Leaders of the New World Order touting population control and universal vaccinations. He also stated that he didn’t see us walking around with masks, and now states that he wishes all would wear them.

Political agenda: The original Care Act written by the Democratic Party included $25 million for renovation of the Kennedy Center. How does that help fight COVID-19? I will let you read up on the new Democratic “Hero Act” and see how much pork is in it. Pretty much all a political agenda. Stay at home and we will send you money and take care of you. Don’t like where that leads.

Many of the deaths in Minnesota had underlying issues, but our government pumps up the stats by listing them as COVID-19. We are supposed to trust that they are giving us accurate facts?

I doubt Governor Walz has been to Menards recently. Not a lot of stay at home and social distancing going on there.

I personally do not need anymore government control in my life. Let me decide if I want to go out and where I want to go. If I get sick, like any other time in my life, I will stay home and let it take its course.

We need to get back to work. We cannot sit at home waiting for a vaccine or for Governor Walz to tell us when he thinks it is safe.

Let’s go! — Mitch Weege, Elk River

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