I am writing in response to the article from June 15, 2019, titled “Many ‘e-learning’ blocks already in place.”

I am in support of a plan for online education during school closure days. This plan could relieve pressure from school officials who are forced to make difficult decisions of whether to close school due to dangerous weather conditions, making it safer for students, faculty, families, and bus drivers. Also, it would prevent interruption of students’ education and may ease challenges that come with a sudden routine change in the middle of a week for many working parents.

My main concern is the plan for students that don’t have internet access or students with disabilities. It seems unfair that just because a student’s family doesn’t have the means to access online content, they aren’t able to receive the same learning opportunities as their peers. While I am in favor of e-learning days, before these are implemented, I believe there must be a better plan in place to allow all students, including those without the means to access internet and those with special needs, to be able to access the same online learning material. Examples of solutions are ensuring that all online learning content is accessible to those with disabilities and having an option for families to rent a device (e.g., a tablet) from the school to use for these circumstances. — Elizabeth Warzecha, Otsego

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