Dayton resident launches new organizing business

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Jennifer Cofer has launched the business Bluebird Nest Organizing.

Jennifer Cofer is a professional organizer who recently launched Bluebird Nest Organizing in Dayton.

“Now, more than ever, people are experiencing overwhelming stress and anxiety,” Cofer said. “2020 has been a challenging year in just about every way possible. In today’s unprecedented times, if we can keep our own house in order, it allows us to experience greater control over our lives, less anxiety, increased confidence and an overall sense of personal happiness.”

Cofer said she started Bluebird Nest Organizing as a way to help others with their organizing issues. Her mission is to change people’s lives by helping them to create spaces that are organized, functional and inspire happiness. She will be working side-by-side with clients to help guide them in clearing their challenged spaces while teaching them organizational skills and instilling them with a new level of confidence.

She offers the following tips to help individuals achieve their organization goals:

1. Having a plan in place is the first step. Write down organizing goals and schedule time on the calendar.

2. Start with organizing one room. Stick to that space until the organizing project is complete before moving onto another room. People typically give priority to a high-traffic room but starting with a room that bothers someone the most is a good choice as well.

3. As people start to organize a room, stay in that room. A frequent technical error is putting items away in other rooms as they are found. This can distract greatly from the project at hand and waste valuable time. Instead, utilize a box or basket to collect the items that do not belong in the room and rehome them when done for the day.

4. Start with organizing a small space. Don’t set out to organize an entire room in one day. Break the organizing project down into smaller sections. And then smaller yet. For example, start by organizing a single drawer of one dresser. By organizing very small areas at a time, people will feel accomplished when they meet their goal and then motivated to move onto the next space.

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