Tim Dolan

Tim Dolan

Sherburne County Commissioner Tim Dolan announced May 19 he filed for reelection to District 3.

“It’s been an honor serving on the Sherburne County Board and representing our community,” Dolan said.

District 3 includes Elk River, Livonia Township, Orrock Township, Becker and Becker Township as well as dipping into portions of four of the county’s five school districts.

“In 2016, I ran on a platform of government transparency and public engagement, economic development and efficiency through investment in technology,” Dolan said. “I’m incredibly satisfied in what we’ve been able to achieve during the last four years and am even more excited for what we can accomplish together in the next four.”

Since 2016, Dolan said the county’s property tax rate has dropped 5%, including the elimination of the Regional Rail Levy. The county has also seen exponential increases in economic development and construction investment.

“The average annual new construction the four years prior to me taking office was about $74.5 million,” Dolan said. “Since I’ve been in office, that average is up to $142.7 million annually. That takes leadership, collaboration and multi-jurisdiction teamwork between both elected officials and staff.”

In just a few short years, he said Sherburne County has gone from an antiquated website to a new mobile friendly website, social media channels, live video streamed board, committee and commission meetings, online appointments and electronic signature options among other advances in technology and citizen services.

Dolan said the praise goes to many.

“The credit for these advancements lays with staff and my colleagues on the board. I had some ideas and vision; however, it was the board’s belief in the value proposition and our staff’s commitment to the people they serve that delivered the results.

“Change is tough. I’m proud of our team at the government center and the way they embraced the challenges.”

Dolan said he expects there will be challengers in the upcoming election, especially with how state and national politics have begun to spill over into Main Street. County commissioner races in Sherburne County are nonpartisan and the commissioner believes they should stay that way.

“Local government should be about people, not parties and politics. We all watch every year as partisan politics in St. Paul and Washington, D.C., further divide our community and do little to improve the way we live. There’s no room for that at the local level. I’d be honored to continue to represent the people of Sherburne County. With your vote this November, I promise to continue to be a voice for all and leave the partisan sound bites and bickering at the Capitol where they belong.”

Dolan has launched a campaign website at www.votedolan.com and is happy to connect via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or even the good old-fashioned telephone via his direct number 763-331-1923.

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