Barb Burandt

Barb Burandt

Sherburne County Commissioner Barbara Burandt has announced her plan to run for a second term.

Burandt, who is a retired nurse and attorney, has previously served one term on the Elk River City Council and is now near the end of her first term as county commissioner of District 1.

Her initial decision to run for county commissioner came when Bruce Anderson (commissioner from 2013-2017), unexpectedly made the decision to not run again in 2016. Burandt’s interest in the county commissioner role was based on her many years as a nurse and her time on the community health advisory committee.

“One thing I have learned is that many issues affect a person’s health, whether it’s clean air or water, highway/road safety, stable families, good food/adequate nutrition, parks and trails, judicial services, economic development, public safety, or care of the young and the elderly,” she said. “Working with county programs touches all of these areas and more. They impact quality of life for all our residents.”

After having nearly finished her first term, her desire is to continue to work to see the quality of living continue to grow in the county.

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