Counterpoint: Sex education bill would establish — not remove — boundaries in current law

A recent letter to the editor discussed HF 1414, a comprehensive sex education bill.  The writer claimed that this bill would remove all protective boundaries for children. I went to the state website and read the bill.  It was clear that rather than removing boundaries, boundaries were being established. The bill required that the material being taught be “medically accurate, age and developmentally appropriate, include abstinence teaching, respect community values, and encourage students to communicate with their parents.” Also, a school can opt out as long as they develop their own sexual health program. I also went to the website that the previous writer suggested. It was very clear that that website was fear-mongering and based on an extreme end of the political spectrum.  Parents, you must do your own homework! If you want your children to have a certain set of values then you must be active and vocal in teaching them yourself! Why are some people so afraid of facts? Why don’t they want their children to know about healthy sexuality and birth control? Knowledge empowers us to make the right choices.  Lack of knowledge leads directly to poorly informed choices. My mother, at an age appropriate time, sat us down and told us about the birds and bees and birth control.  None of her children had an early pregnancy. A close relative with 6 daughters did no teaching, 5 of the 6 had teenage pregnancies.  Ignorance is not bliss!  If your child is about to have sex ed in class then find out exactly what that will include. See if you agree with it or not. If your opinion differs, discuss it with your child yourself prior to school exposure. Knowledge is power. — Cindy Rohde, Zimmerman

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