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Minnetonka natives Will Hoverman and Dex Barstad released their EP “Before Morning” earlier this year.  

Hoverman explained their style originally was more alternative and soft rock, but now, he said, “Our sound is starting to shift to a little bit more R&B, a little more produced.”

Their songwriting process for the EP started with piano and vocals and how they wanted to shift into alternative R&B, and then they sampled in drum kits and kept building the track. 

“By the end of the night, we were, like, halfway there,” Barstad said.

When asked where his inspiration for writing his music comes from, Hoverman explained, “A lot of it comes from my actual experiences and trying to translate a feeling that I’m having or an event that happened and trying to package that in a way that is accessible to people.” And Barstad joked, “What he is trying to say is, girls.”

Hoverman and Barstad want to see where music will take them. 

“If it goes anywhere, that’s awesome; if it doesn’t, we’re still having a great time making music and creating something special,” Hoverman said.

To hear more from Will Hoverman and Dex Barstad, go to https://soundcloud.com/willhoverman.

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