The city of Otsego will reach out to residents to evaluate perceptions of the city and guide future planning.

The Otsego City Council decided on April 26 to engage consulting firm Baker Tilly to plan, design, administer, interpret and summarize a scientific, random-sample survey to measure constituents’ thoughts about the city.

The parameters of the survey will be 300 randomly selected phone interviews of registered voters, controlled for key demography, and a 30-item questionnaire, according a letter of engagement from Don Lifto, a director with Baker Tilly.

The cost of the survey and associated work needed to present an interpretation and summary is $17,500. The council budgeted for this project.

Morris Leatherman also submitted a proposal after the city staff identified those two firms as the top two prospects based on conversations with other communities and research. An administrative subcommittee recommended Baker Tilly.

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