Based on accounts in the Sherburne County Star News and the Elk River Star News and compiled by Joni Astrup.

10 years ago

•Elk River Mayor Stephanie Klinzing announced plans to launch a “1,000 Acts of Random Kindness” campaign. Her idea was to have 1,000 acts of kindness recorded during the month of February.

•Sherburne County Public Health was holding clinics where people could get a H1N1 vaccination.

25 years ago

•Delvina Dahlheimer, of Dayton, celebrated her 106th birthday at the Guardian Angels Care Center in Elk River. She was still playing cards and exercising daily. Her secret to a long life? “I just live one day to the other.”

•Sherburne County Commissioner Arne Engstrom, of Elk River, finished eighth in the 60-mile class of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Engstrom raced with a team of six Alaskan huskies and said it was a wonderful experience. “The moon was shining, the dogs were running and I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is about as close to heaven as the dogs and I can be. It was beautiful,’” he said. He finished the race in about eight hours, crossing the finish line in Two Harbors at around 1 a.m.

50 years ago

•Preliminary reports to the Minnesota Division of Lands and Forestry showed that Christmas tree producers in Sherburne County shipped close to 200,000 Christmas trees during the 1969 season. The majority were shipped out of state, including some to Alaska and South America.

•An evening typing course was offered at Elk River Senior High School for 12 weeks beginning Jan. 13. The course was open to students and adults. Fee was $6 plus $3 for materials.

100 years ago

•The Elk River Village Council voted to pay $3 to each fireman who reported for duty at a fire. It also agreed to pay $10 to the owner of the team which was the first on the scene to hitch on the fire engine in case of a fire.

•Andrew Davis ran a poultry business on the lots back of his home on Main Street in Elk River. He kept a detailed account of the enterprise, and reported at year’s end that he had an average of 250 hens during the year. They produced a total of 26,007 eggs which were sold at an average of 40 cents per dozen. Egg production was greatest in April, with 4,325 eggs, and the least in October, with 348 eggs laid.

•Parishioners filled Union Church, in Elk River, for the dedication of a new memorial window. “The window is indeed very beautiful, being chiefly in pastel shades, and forms a most fitting memorial to the soldiers of the great war,” the Sherburne County Star News reported.

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