Jim and Rosie Miller Family

Rosie and Jim Miller enjoy the blessings of a large family of 13 children. Pictured together are front row (from left): Mary, Mike, Rose, Jim, Cheri and Rob. Back row: Tom, Anne, Tracy, Anita, Susie, Sara, Tim and Jim.  Not pictured is Patrick, the eldest child, who was killed at age 14 in a hunting accident.

Rosie Miller

Rosie Miller will be celebrating Mother’s Day in a big way, May 14. She has 13 children, 37 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Rosie Miller was asked on her wedding day, how many children she wanted. She told the neighbor who was asking that she wanted at least 12. She was close, as she had 13.

Rosie and her husband, Jim, who recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary, had seven daughters and six sons.

Rosie (Jennissen) Miller

Rosie Jennissen graduated from high school in Little Falls and married Jim Miller in Padua when she was 19. 

Rosie Miller Gardening

One of Rosie’s favorite activities is gardening. She loves to water her flowers. Every year during Mother’s Day weekend, her family comes to weed and mulch her garden beds as their gift to her.

Jim and Rosie Miller in St Anthony Church

Jim and Rosie Miller were married April 18, 1959, at St. Anthony’s Church in Padua. It has been decommissioned and is now a prayer site. They are shown in the church on their 62nd wedding anniversary in 2021.

Rosie Miller, Age 16

Rosie Jennissen Miller attended high school in Little Falls for four years before settling down with Jim near West Union. She is shown at age 16.

Rosie Miller with Grandson, Finn

Rosie Miller has 37 grandchildren. The one to hold the special place as the youngest is Finn, who loves to snuggle with his grandma.

Handprint Wall

Bordering the back patio, Rosie Miller’s family built a handprint wall featuring little grandchildren’s hands.

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