Kim Roering and Brian Armstrong

Kim Roering, left, and Brian Armstrong have been bear hunting together nearly every year for more than 10 years, and deer hunting for about 15 years. They are shown here in 2020, while deer hunting.

Kim Roering of Alexandria is a keen bear hunter. She has prepared and packed for this year’s hunt to Northern Minnesota. Since she doesn’t have a license this year, she will be helping to bait the bears. Her boyfriend, Brian, has a license and will hopefully fill the freezer for the year.

    “If a person is lucky, they will get a license every three to five years. It’s tougher to get a license in St. Louis County, with the lottery. Counties around central MN are non-quota so it’s easier to get a license,” she said. “The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) monitors numbers every year.  When you kill a bear, two of their teeth have to be sent in to DNR along with the sex of the bear, license info, date it was shot, area of state, and whether it was shot with rifle or bow.“

Kim Roering with first black bear.

In 2011, Kim Roering got her first black bear, a 21-year-old female.

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