Dear Editor:

There is a new kind of sex education trying to make its way into the schools. It is called comprehensive sex education (CSE) Planned Parenthood style and is not what parents want their children exposed to. This new kind of CSE is not just about the basic biology of reproduction. CSE provides detailed sex information regarding all sexual behaviors for all students in public and charter schools in Minnesota. Planned Parenthood is behind it all the way.

Fortunately a bill to mandate this kind of sex education failed to pass in the last MN legislative session, but it will return in 2020 with Planned Parenthood armed and ready with the most sexually graphic information for your children in grades pre-K through 12. Their lessons with sexual images are too obscene to print in the newspaper yet they want your children exposed to them. They want to teach kids as young as 10 that they have sexual rights to any consensual sexual activity—including unhealthy sexual practices.

Parents are waking up and saying, “Not with my child!” Join hundreds of concerned parents on Sunday, Sept. 22 on the MN Capitol Steps as we join with one voice in a massive protest and say STOP CSE NOW!

For more information, go to We need your help to protect Minnesota’s children!

Michele Lentz


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