After three years at the Isanti County News and County News Review, it’s time for me to turn the page to a new chapter in my story and say goodbye.

This edition will be my final one; this is my final editorial and the last time I address you, my readers.

It’s been a great few years connecting with the community, attending events, sharing your stories with the community, making friends and building connections with readers.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my time with the paper, I also have another job as well as five kiddos and a husband and home that need my time and attention as well; all of which played a large part in my decision to turn the page.

With the uncertainty of the future with the schools and COVID-19, it was important for me to ensure I could be available to better assist in the education of my children as they begin their journeys in all five of our Cambridge schools: ECFE, CPS, CIS, CMS and CIHS. I’ve been told I may be the only mom in the district to have the privilege of having five kids in five different schools during the same year.

Well, this year that’s something I am going to focus on, to take my time to better assist with homework, projects and the uncertain journey that lies ahead.

Over the last couple of years of balancing the numerous responsibilities that go along with the hectic, yet beautiful, life I’ve chosen, I’ve come to realize that sometimes as you get older some of your life’s chapters come to an end, and in that I find peace.

While I leave this job that I’ve loved for so long, I will take countless memories with me — from meeting some of the most amazing people ever and hearing their stories to winning multiple awards for my writing and photography, and so much more.

My family will continue our story in the school district and in the area that I’ve called home my entire life, and I hope I can continue to hear the stories of our community without hiding behind a camera and without a pen in my hand.

Thank you to those who’ve impacted my life, those of you who have shared your stories with me, and those of you who’ve read my words and enjoyed my photos; without you this chapter would never have existed.

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