North Branch Area Public Schools is pleased to announce that starting in the fall of the 2019-2020 school year, the Area Learning Center (ALC) will move from the high school to the Brooker building, where it will share space with the Chisago County Schools’ Life Work Center (LWC). This decision was made for several reasons.

Maintaining the program at the high school, the “school within a school” model, has not proven the most successful for students. By moving to the Brooker building, students will have a smaller setting with fewer distractions.

Moving the ALC to an off-site location using lease levy funds was also considered, but with classroom space available within the school district this was not a realistic solution.

The Brooker Building was originally designed to house the ALC and has a much larger capacity than currently utilized, making it possible to locate the ALC there without displacing the LWC.

NBAPS will monitor the co-location in coming school years and make necessary changes based on enrollment in each program and building capacity. For the 2019-2020 school year though, and until such a time co-location is not feasible at the Brooker Building, the ALC and LWC will be located together.

The program will be overseen by Director of Teaching and Learning David Treichel who, along with a staff member, will maintain an office at the new location.

We believe this plan provides the best change for success for both ALC and LWC students; we appreciate your patience and assistance as we make the transition; and we look forward to this new beginning for a great program.

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