Two men from Princeton are facing charges for allegedly stealing cash and credit cards from a vehicle in Wyanett Township and utilizing those cards for purchases.

Trevor Robert Campbell-Berry, 23, and Blake Michael Larson, 20, were charged Aug. 2 before Judge Amy Brosnahan in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge with felony financial transaction card fraud, and misdemeanors theft and tampering with a motor vehicle. Bail for Campbell-Berry was set at $30,000 without conditions or $5,000 with conditions, and bail for Larson was set at $6,000 without conditions or $1,000 with conditions. Their next court appearance is set for Aug. 29.

The alleged theft occurred on July 30, and photos of Campbell-Berry and Larson were put on the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page after surveillance video found them using the cards at Walmart in Cambridge. Campbell-Berry and Larson were apprehended on Aug. 1 after being pulled over in Sherburne County and were transported back to Isanti County.

“I would like to thank the public for sharing our social media posts and responding to us. We appreciate your support in these matters and your help helps us solve crimes,” said Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk. “Again, I cannot stress enough, if your see something suspicious, say something.”

According to the criminal complaint:

On July 30, law enforcement were dispatched to a residence in Wyanett Township on a report of a theft from a motor vehicle. The complainant reported someone had gone into her car overnight and stolen her purse and backpack. She stated her car had been in the driveway and was unlocked. Her purse contained a Wells Fargo credit card, a Wells Fargo debit card, a Capital One credit card, a checkbook, her driver’s license and under $100 cash. Her backpack had some confidential student information in it. She also reported she received a notice that her Capital One card was used at the Cambridge Walmart at 3:56 a.m. that day for $319.98. She also received a notice from Wells Fargo that the same amount was attempted at Walmart using her Wells Fargo card but was declined.

Officers contacted Walmart to obtain surveillance video of the reported transaction. Campbell-Berry was shown purchasing a large number of household items including a shower curtain rod, a plunger, some lights, a power strip and a hover board. The total cost of the items were $319.98. Campbell-Berry attempted to use the Wells Fargo card to purchase three bottles of Mountain Dew, but that transaction was declined. Campbell-Berry exited the store and loaded the items into Larson’s vehicle.

Isanti County Investigator Rob Bowker took several still shots of the males from the video and distributed them to other deputies as well as posted them to the sheriff’s office Facebook page in hopes of discovering their identities. Within 10 minutes, Bowker had received several calls on the sheriff’s office tip line identifying the main suspect as Campbell-Berry, and the driver and owner of the suspect vehicle was identified as Larson.

It was found that Campbell-Berry was wanted out of Sherburne County on a controlled substance case and is on probation in Chisago County, as well as local probation in Sherburne and Mille Lacs counties.

An investigator from the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office contacted Bowker and said they had several cases with Campbell-Berry and Larson involving similar incidents at Walmart stores in Blaine.

On Aug. 1, Isanti County Deputy Noah Heiller was contacted by dispatch who reported Sherburne County had made contact with Larson’s vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were Campbell-Berry and Larson and they were arrested and transported to Isanti County. The vehicle was sealed and taken to impound.

Later in the morning on Aug. 1, Bowker and the Sherburne County investigator interviewed Larson, who admitted he had met up with Campbell-Berry the other night and Campbell-Berry asked him if he wanted to go “car shopping.” He said he didn’t know what that meant but Campbell-Berry explained it to him. Larson said they drove to the Spectacle Lake area and Campbell-Berry gave him directions. He said Campbell-Berry got out of the car and began walking up to cars and attempted to open doors. Larson said Campbell-Berry started going into the cars, that he was told to drive around, and that Campbell-Berry called him about a half hour later to pick him up. When Campbell-Berry got into the vehicle, he had some wallets and other items from vehicles that he set in the backseat.

Larson further stated Campbell-Berry told him to drive to the Cambridge Walmart. Larson said he and another person just walked around while Campbell-Berry filled up a cart. They eventually met back up at the registers and Larson said Campbell-Berry then pulled out some credit cards that he assumed Campbell-Berry got from the cars. Larson observed Campbell-Berry use the cards to make the purchase. He said Campbell-Berry pushed the cart out to the vehicle and loaded the stuff into the trunk. He asked Campbell-Berry how he got all of the stuff and Campbell-Berry said, “Don’t worry about it.” They then proceeded to a house in Princeton where Campbell­ Berry took all of the stuff from the trunk and went inside. Larson then dropped off the other person and went home.

Larson further admitted he had a knife and a Panasonic camera at his house that Campbell-Berry had left behind in his car. When asked if he had stuff in his vehicle from the thefts, he said there were fishing poles, CDs and a lot of garbage in there from Campbell-Berry. Larson eventually admitted he was also with Campbell-Berry at the Blaine and Elk River Walmart stores when some credit cards taken from Zimmerman vehicles were attempted to be used.

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