Rush City City Administrator Amy Mell expressed concern during the City Council meeting Jan. 23 that not enough residents will vote in the presidential nomination primary.

“We are having a presidential nomination primary. It is March 3. We want people to come in and vote, and I’m just afraid we won’t get a whole lot of people,” Mell said. “But one thing people need to know is you have to tell your party affiliation.”

According to Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer Bridgitte Konrad, nomination primary voters must request the ballot of the major political party for whose candidate the individual wishes to vote. Polling place election judges must record in the polling place roster the name of the major political party whose ballot the voter requested and the county auditor must include the name of the major political party whose ballot the voter requested with the voting history of the nomination primary election. The major political party ballot selected by a nomination primary voter is private data, except that it will be shared with the chairs of the major political parties in the State of Minnesota.

The polling place for Rush City residents is the Rush City Community Center, 720 West 14th St., Rush City. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 3.

Frandsen Avenue possible reconstruction in Industrial Park

“I received more information from our city engineer (Greg Anderson) and the very estimated cost is in the $900,000 range. This is for just Frandsen Avenue, south of County Road 7,” Mell said. “That does not include any water or sewer. We did have the sewer mains televised last week for the Frandsen Avenue area to find out if it’s something we need to include with the project.”

Mell said this is just an estimate and there are no plans or estimates out for bids at this time.

“Our financial person, Kay Mattson, and myself are very concerned about that price tag and the possibility of us affording that this year,” Mell said. “That got us talking about the possibility of special assessments. We have assessed some projects in the past and have chosen not assess some projects in the past.”

According to Mell, since this project is still preliminary, she wanted the council’s thoughts of the possibility of assessing a portion of the project and to think about the situation.

“If we could do it without assessing, that would be nice,” Councilor Michael Louzek said. “But we may not be able to; especially with the property owners (who) want it to be done right now. If Kay’s uncomfortable with the situation we’re in right now, I trust her.”

Public Comment

Rep. Brian Johnson (District 32A) was present during the meeting and told the council the House of Representatives are going back into session Feb. 11.

“I believe two years ago when we had a surplus we got some money for small cities like Rush City and the townships for aid in the roads,” Johnson said. “This is something I want to pursue.”

According to Johnson, the state has an approximately $1.3 billion surplus.

“I’m hoping to get some money for the townships and the small city towns like Rush City and Harris,” Johnson said. “I’m also the Republican lead on public safety, and my concern is, especially since we have the prison here in Rush City, is the safety of the staff.”

Public hearing for tobacco ordinance amendment rescheduled

“We are supposed to give the establishments with licenses 30 days’ notice before we change our ordinances,” Mell said. “I didn’t realize that and I apologize.”

The council voted unanimously to reschedule the public hearing for March 9 at 6:30 p.m. during the Rush City Council meeting.

Upcoming event

The Rush City Fire Department and Lions Polar Lunge at Flickabird’s Resort is Feb. 8 from 10 a.m. to noon.

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