An Oak Grove man is facing several charges after giving an officer a fictitious name and then making a false 911 call during the traffic stop about a man getting shot at a local store in Cambridge.

Jake Michael Wylie, 26, was charged before Judge John Klossner on Dec. 9 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge with felony fifth degree drug possession and gross misdemeanors placing a fictitious 911 call to prompt response and giving a peace officer a false name. Bail was set at $40,000 without conditions or $20,000 with conditions, and his next court appearance is set for Jan. 2.

The incident occurred around 4:33 a.m. Dec. 6 when Wylie was pulled over for having a headlight out while traveling on Highway 65 near Cambridge.

According to court records, Wylie has several prior convictions for drug possession, most recently out of Anoka County in July 2017.

According to the criminal complaint:

Isanti County Sheriff’s Deputy Noah Heiller was on routine patrol within the city of Cambridge when he observed a vehicle traveling westbound on Highway 95 with a headlight out. He followed the vehicle as it turned onto Highway 65 and conducted a traffic stop.

Wylie gave Heiller a fictitious name and birth date and stated he did not have proof of insurance. Heiller ran the name given to him by the driver and it came back as not on file. At that time, dispatch advised the Cambridge Police Department that it received a call through 911 from a male caller about a man who had been shot and was bleeding out at Walmart in Cambridge. The person who made the call then hung up.

Heiller returned to the vehicle and requested the female passenger exit the vehicle. She gave Heiller another fictitious name of the driver, but the fictitious name came back as a real person having a suspended license.

Dispatch then advised over radio that law enforcement responded to the area and discovered no evidence of a gunshot victim. Walmart employees all confirmed that no one had heard any gun shots or any other kind of disturbance. Dispatch also advised the phone number that made the call was listed as belonging to Wylie’s female passenger.

The female passenger then showed Heiller her phone log and it showed a call to 911 at 4:37 a.m., approximately four minutes after the traffic stop was initiated. The female passenger stated she did not know anything about the 911 call and that it must have been Wylie that made the call. The female passenger then admitted the male driver’s real name was Wylie, which was confirmed by law enforcement.

Law enforcement confirmed Wylie had three active felony warrants out of Anoka and Chisago counties.

An inventory search of the vehicle was conducted and law enforcement located several syringes in a backpack. One of the syringes was loaded with a liquid that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

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