Rush City School Board reviewed the district’s strategic action plan for the coming school year as part of its monthly meeting held Thursday, July 16, on the Zoom platform.

Interim Superintendent Brent Stavig led discussion of the plan, which included input from a number of different groups within the school district.

“In the spring, the school board advisory committee surveyed parents, staff and students to get information about our district,” Stavig said. “We used the survey data to find areas where we wanted to focus.

“And we looked at student achievement data, which was challenging, because testing was canceled in the spring. As a result, the goals are set from 2019 to 2021.”

The plan will focus on three areas:

1. Achieve academic excellence.

2. Foster a positive and safe environment.

3. Strengthen community relationships.

Stavig noted that in years past, a focus on the financial stability of the school district had been a priority. This year that focus point has been removed.

“As we have been talking, we felt that was more of a school board goal than it is a goal for staff and others in the building,” he said.

The strategic action plan is something Stavig called a “fluid” document.

“This doesn’t mean all of these things absolutely for sure will happen,” he explained. “The idea is to solicit ideas and opinions from the community.”

Handbook review

The board approved a number of handbooks for the coming year, including handbooks for both teachers and students/parents associated with the high school and the elementary school, an activities handbook, a transportation handbook, a handbook for the aquatic center and a “Tiger Care” handbook.

The only notable changes were to update the administrators at the different schools, updates on the calendars for the year, as well as updates caused by the new bell schedule at the high school.

There also were additions regarding COVID-19 regulations, with the note that they may be updated as to regulations and advisories from the Minnesota Department of Education and other sources.

Meal pricing set

The school board approved meal prices for the 2020-21 school year.

Lunch prices are $2.65 at the elementary school and $2.80 at the high school, while breakfast at both schools will be sold for 90 cents. Adults will pay $2.25 for breakfast and $4 for lunch.

“These prices reflect what we charged last year,” Stavig said. “We have concluded that there is no need to change meal prices.”

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