A change order was requested to the Frandsen Avenue street improvement project during the Rush City Council meeting on Sept. 13.

City engineer Zack Schmitz explained a soft spot was found in the road a couple of weeks ago during construction. After digging into this issue, it was determined that there’s a water main leak. This leak could lead to a sink hole or extreme structural damage.

Schmitz explained what is included in the change order and why it was requested. The biggest changes would be to replace 180 feet of the water main and add gate valves to each end.

“The reason being is if we have future breaks in other areas of the street, we can keep these services going,” Schmitz said in regard to the gate valves.

Schmitz has been working with the city on this project and knows it’s a good time to perform this replacement while construction is still active.

“When we replace it, we can take care of the problem. Well, make it better long term, since it’s such a high traffic area,” Schmitz said.

The change order will cost $63,841 and would bring total project costs to $1,037,668. City Administrator Amy Mell confirmed the American Rescue Plan funding the city received could be used for water and can be applied to this change.

After discussion and answered questions, the council approved the change order as discussed.

Rush City moves forward with airport project

Rush City has been waiting for funding to begin the airport project that was approved earlier this summer.

Mell gave an update on the planned emergency taxiway crack seal and wind cone project.

“We did approve those projects awhile back. Well, now the funding has come through, and so now we will be doing the emergency taxiway crack seal project that we applied for funding for,” Mell said.

Mell said the taxiway crack seal work should begin in the next month or two and the wind cones will be completed this fall.

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