The Isanti County Board held a special meeting April 25 for the purposes of consideration of redistricting.

According to Isanti County Administrator Julia Lines, the board rescinded the previous resolution approved by the board on April 19 adopting “Plan F,” and adopted a new resolution approving “Plan A” during a special board meeting held April 25.

Lines said after Plan F was called into question, the commissioners reviewed case law and other guidance surrounding redistricting, and determined the equal distribution of population factor carried more weight than the other statutory factors. Given that knowledge, Plan A was the plan of choice to set the new commissioner districts.

The following resolution was adopted during the Isanti County Board meeting on April 25:

WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 375 establishes the procedure and requires a process for redistricting County Commissioner Districts based on population figures from the federal census; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota Statute § 204B.135, subd. 2 requires counties to redistrict County Commissioner Districts within 80 days of legislative redistricting or at least 15 weeks before the state primary election, whichever comes first; and

WHEREAS, counties shall use the 2020 United States Census population data to redistrict the Isanti County Commissioner Districts by April 26, 2022 pursuant to these statutes, and

WHEREAS, County Commissioner Districts shall be bounded by town, municipal, ward, or precinct lines pursuant to Minnesota Statutes § 375.025; and

WHEREAS, Isanti County conducted a public meeting on redistricting on April 13, 2022;

WHEREAS, the Isanti County Board considered the statutory provisions of § 375.025 and reviewed the case law interpreting said statute; and chose the plan that meets the population distribution standards outlined in the statute.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Isanti County Board of Commissioners hereby redistricts the County of Isanti, following town, municipal, or precinct lines as reestablished in March 2022, and reestablishes the length of terms as follows:

District 1: City of Cambridge P-1, Bradford Township (2-year term, 2022 election).

District 2: City of Cambridge P-2, Cambridge Township, Springvale Township (4-year term, 2022 election).

District 3: City of Braham P-1, Dalbo Township, Maple Ridge Township, Spencer Brook Township, Stanchfield Township, Wyanett Township (2-year term, 2022 election).

District 4: City of Isanti P-1, City of St. Francis P-3, Athens Township. Stanford Township (2-year term, 2022 election).

District 5: City of Isanti P-2, Isanti Township, North Branch Township, Oxford Township (4-year term, 2022 election).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Isanti County Board of Commissioners hereby directs the County Administrator to file the redistricting plan with the County Auditor-Treasurer by May 3, 2022 to be effective on the 31st day after filing for the 2022 primary and general elections.

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