With golf courses up and running, an on-sale 3.2 malt liquor license was renewed for Sanbrook Golf Course during the Isanti City Council meeting on June 16.

Sanbrook Golf Course manager Shari Harker explained the liquor license renewal is usually done in March, but at the time she was in Arizona and was unable to travel back to Isanti due to issues with COVID-19.

“We were fortunate to be one that could open and we’ve been blessed with a lot of new golfers,” Harker said. “We’ve been really busy, and I’m glad that we’ve been able to contribute that to our community.”

Mayor Jeff Johnson said he was happy the golf course was open and is an option for area residents to utilize.

“You’re probably not as happy as we are,” Johnson said. “Now, if you’re bored and you’re tired of being cooped up, we’ve got a golf course right over here; just head on out over there.”

City Administrator Josi Wood noted the license applicant has passed a background check by the Isanti Police Department and has submitted all the appropriate paperwork. Sanbrook has not been cited during the past five years for any state or local liquor law violations.

“It’s amazing that a lot of people that have lived in our community for many years didn’t even know we were there,” Harker said. “So we are trying to work on that to get exposure that we’re only 1 mile east of Highway 65.”

The on-sale liquor license is valid seven days a week for Sanbrook Golf Course, located at 1260 County Road 5 NE, Isanti.

Public hearing set for nuisance abatement

Community Development Director Sheila Sellman explained in the spring of 2019 the exterior wall at 105 Railroad Ave., Isanti, had collapsed. The owner pulled a building permit to fix the wall in August 2019; the roof sustained some damage as well and is also required to be repaired. Sellman said permits are valid for 180 days, which stay valid as long as visible progress is being made.

Sellman said the owners of the building have been working on the repairs for 10 months. The wall has been repaired, but is not complete, and the outside still needs weather barrier and siding per city code requirements, and the re-roof is not complete.

Sellman said the last written correspondence from the owner when asked when the work would be completed was in January and they stated the roof would be completed weather permitting. Sellman said that was six months ago and the weather has been nice enough to complete the projects.

Sellman sent a letter to the property owner indicating if the roof work isn’t completed by June 15, the City Council may take action.

“What I’m asking for from the council tonight is what do you want to do in this situation. It’s been a long time, it’s become an eyesore, it’s become a nuisance,” Sellman said.

Johnson explained the building Sellman is talking about is the cabinetry shop building located on the north end of Railroad Avenue.

“Right now, the way it looks, I think it’s hideous,” Johnson said. “He’s got like a plywood wall up there, the building is leaning to the left, the roof is leaking. ... Not that the tin shack next to it is any better, but one step at a time.”

Johnson felt the council should do something about the property.

“We’re setting a precedence here,” Johnson said. “We’ve given him every benefit of the doubt, and you know me, I’m the first one to say, ‘hey, let’s try to work with him, let’s try to give him the benefit of the doubt.’ I don’t want to be that guy to come in shaking my fist, but when is enough, enough?”

Sellman said the last contact the city had with the owner of the building was on June 12, when the city inspector visited with the owner who said he would be making progress on the rear wall roof soon.

Following discussion, the council approved a motion to set a public hearing on the matter at its July 7 meeting and may discuss further action at that time.

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