Following a ground-breaking celebration for two Kwik Trip locations in North Branch, the City Council held its Aug. 13 meeting, which included a presentation on the business, featuring updates and visions for its future in the city.

Kwik Trip Inc. Vice President Scott Teigen began his presentation by noting the ease of working with city staff and the excitement of the business to be breaking ground in the city.

“The first thing I want to say is, every member of every community thinks their community is the toughest one to do business in, but I want to tell you, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I would rate North Branch right up here as one of the easiest communities to work with,” Teigen said.

The company’s west side project had notedly almost died for a few reasons, according to Teigen, but city staff were a vital part of their success.

“We’ve got our site plans for the stores we’re planning to do,” explained Teigen, noting there would be a west store as well as an east store.

The stores, according to Teigen, will be easily accessed by traffic with the planned facilities layouts.

A bit about the company

With approximately 25,000 employees companywide, Kwik Trip prides itself on taking care of its employees, according to Teigen.

“This is very unique to any business: We share 40 percent of the profit we make with everybody; everybody shares based on their income,” Teigen said.

These cash bonuses and profit sharing look to increase, according to Teigen.

“We’ve a very sought-after place to work; it’s hard to get a job at Kwik Trip,” Teigen said. “Everybody’s drug tested, we do random drug testing and aptitude tests, so if you’re not going to be customer friendly, you’re not going, probably, to get hired at Kwik Trip.

“Another thing that’s very unique about Kwik Trip — again this goes back to our grocery and production background — we have our own dairy plant, we make our own sandwiches, we make our own pizzas,” Teigen added. Teigen noted deliveries to each store every day is one thing that contributes to the success and freshness of Kwik Trip.

“We started with one store in 1965, and if anybody remembers the old grocery distribution company Gateway Foods, we’re kind of a sister company of Gateway Foods grocery distribution, and that’s why our stores are so different on what we sell inside. We’re grocers at heart,” Teigen said.

Teigen explained the business model is where the customers are at the top, co-workers come next, and management team and owner follow at the bottom.

“Our mission statement is to treat people the way you want to be treated and make a difference in someone’s life, and we live that mission statement every day,” Teigen said.

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