Concerns with the current COVID-19 protocol within Braham Area Schools was expressed by some parents during the open forum portion of the Braham School Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 20.

“We’re here because we want choices for our children,” said Holly Giffrow, a parent of a Braham student.

Giffrow said the protocol letter sent to parents before the start of the school year did not clarify if the school will ask who is vaccinated.

“Are you going to be asking students whether they are vaccinated or not?” Giffrow asked.

Superintendent Ken Gagner explained the school will not ask about vaccination status.

“We don’t ask anyone if they are vaccinated. If you’re asked to quarantine, then you can respond and say that you are vaccinated,” Gagner said.“If someone tests positive for COVID, they have to quarantine.”

Gagner mentioned there are no requirements for those who come in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 if they are vaccinated.

“The only people required to quarantine right now are people in the same household. If you test positive, other people in the house have to quarantine unless they are vaccinated,” Gagner said.

Students will not be asked if they are vaccinated but if they choose to inform the school that they are, then the school will confirm. Then once symptom free, the student can return.

This became more transparent for parents after Gagner clarified their current COVID-19 protocol.

“That’s great to hear. That makes me feel better,” Giffrow said.

Concern for a safer school

Braham school employee Dakota Hill expressed his idea to keep the schools safer while speaking at the school board meeting.

“I really think we should have an SOR (school resource officer). I think if we have a cop in our school, it will make our kids safer and our staff safer,” Hill said.

Hill mentioned there were a few incidents when the school had to go on lockdown for various reasons. Due to those incidents, Hill pressed the idea for the school board to discuss this matter.

“I would like that to be talked about among the school board because I think that is a major thing we need,” Hill said.

There was no response on the topic from the school board, but they did thank Hill for his comments.

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