Isanti County Family Services Fiscal Supervisor Mark Jensen and Social Service Supervisor Karyn Hansen approached the Isanti County Board of Commissioners with a financial report update and contracts regarding social services during the Jan. 22 Isanti County Board meeting.

“It’s been a good year,” Jensen said. “Our annual receipts are down by $654,693.68 from last year. Expenses are also down over double that amount of $1,789,675.17.”

According to Jensen, the county’s out-of-home placement spending in 2019 was over $779,000 less than 2018 and the developmental health spending was over $900,000 less than 2018.

“Our out-of-home placement spending was $277,000 under budget,” Jensen said. “That was a big change from last year where we were about a half a million dollars over budget in that particular area. And that’s really the area I would say can be the most difficult to control because it is mandated.”

Hansen then asked the board to approve five contracts for Isanti County Services that would ensure long-term financial health and stability for Isanti County.

The first was for an amendment for grant contracts (Department of Human Services contract for crisis). Region 7E requested and was awarded additional funds in order for crisis staff, which includes employees of Canvas Health, TSA and Lighthouse to provide training. The funding for this grant is from a Department of Human Services grant in the amount of $22,727 added to the current contract for a total of $1,372,727 for three years (2018-2020).

The second contract asked to be approved was between Isanti County Family Services as the fiscal host for Regional Crisis Services and Canvas Health. Funding sources were from the Department of Human Services Grant through the Region 7E Adult Mental Health Initiative in the amount of $459,469.50.

The third contract was between Isanti County Services acting as the Fiscal Host for the Adult Mental Health Initiative and Central Minnesota Housing Partnership, which is funded by the AMHI (Adult Mental Health Initiatives) grant from the Department of Human Services in the amount of $50,000 annually.

The fourth contract Isanti County Family Services wanted approved was acting as fiscal host for Regional Crisis Services Training Canvas Health, Therapeutic Services Agency, Lighthouse Child and Family Services and First Call for Help. The amount is $20,461.89 and the funding comes from the Department of Human Services.

The final contract was the purchase of transportation service agreement between Isanti County Family Services and B.R.A.S.S. Security LLC. According to Hansen, periodically clients need to be transported to placements, court, and etc. when a law enforcement transport or a case manager transport is not cost or time effective or safe. The funding source for this contract comes from Moose Lake grant funds for adults with mental illness and tax levy dollars for children. The amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

All five contracts were approved unanimously by the Isanti County Board (Commissioner Susan Morris was absent).

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