The last phase of the Woodhaven Acres area, located near the intersection of Maple Drive South and 34th Avenue Southwest in Cambridge, is on its way to completion.

During the Cambridge City Council meeting Sept. 20, Assistant City Administrator Athanasia Lewis explained David Norberg is requesting a preliminary plat for the last phase of the Woodhaven Acres area. The original phase started in 1990, with consecutive phases occurring in 1997, 2002 and 2004. The last few vacant lots from these plats are now being developed.

The property is currently vacant except for a pole shed and consists of 3.2 acres. Single-family residences surround the property, and the developer is proposing eight new single-family lots with the plat.

Following discussion, the council approved the preliminary plat for Woodhaven Acres Fourth Addition.

Lewis said the completion of Maple Drive South to 34th Avenue Southwest will be completed with this plat and will make a nice through street for the residents in the area. Park land has already been dedicated and satisfied for the Woodhaven Acres area with a previous plat. The park land is currently vacant and will be accessible from the street construction happening with this plat.

As with all development, Lewis said staff is reviewing all formal site plans including civil engineering plans. Lewis said staff has provided comments to the developer that will need to be addressed during the platting process.

Lewis said staff finds the plat is in compliance with the goals of the comprehensive plan, zoning and subdivision regulations of the city.

Annexation of property in Isanti Township

The council approved a property, owned by Eleanor Heyda, to be annexed into the city of Cambridge as requested by Heyda. The property is currently located in Isanti Township and is approximately 4.82 acres.

Lewis explained the property is eligible for annexation via state statute, annexation by ordinance, since the property abuts the municipal boundary, is 120 acres or less, is not presently served by public wastewater facilities, and the city received a petition for annexation by the owner.

Lewis said the reason for the request is due to the Yerigan Farms Third Addition plat request. A condition of plat approval is that Elin’s Lake Road Southeast connects from the Bridgewater area to the Yerigan Farms area.

Lewis said the Heyda parcel will allow the required street connection. The ordinance that is prepared for this annexation covers the basic requirements for the state’s annexation law. The affected property is identified, a legal description for the parcel is included within the ordinance, the required property tax reimbursement language is included and the map showing the city boundaries as compared to the affected parcel is included as an exhibit.

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