People from the community and 19 jumpers came out to brave single-digit temperatures for the fourth annual Fire & Ice Lions Lunge held Feb. 8 on East Rush Lake in Rush City.

“When we were at the Rush City Fire Department banquet, someone asked my wife, Deb, if she would be a jumper,” Mayor Dan Dahlberg said. “She said she would if they raised a $1,000.”

Well, they did.

The event was emceed by Jamie Amundson and Todd Johnston, who really knew how to work the crowd to encourage “on the spot” donations for Deb, Rush City Fire Chief Bob Carlson and Chisago County Sheriff Brandon Thyen — who jumped in twice; with a combined total of $2,000.

“Our generous community was able to raise $6,150 to be shared between the Rush City Lions and Rush City Fire Department,” Deb said. “Max Hageman (Relax with Max) chose the perfect songs for each plunger; especially when Brandon Thyen (Chisago County sheriff) jumped, playing ‘Breaking the Law.’ Max also provided the sound system for the emcees to use during the event.”

Alica Tomlinson has organized the registration and collected all the money and waiver forms for the last four years.

“It was her idea to set up the PayPal account on the internet and she presented the idea to the Lions in October,” Deb said. “Everyone was excited about this process and many donated via PayPal this year.”

Unity Bank purchased the fourth annual Fire & Ice Lions T-shirts and paid for Relax with Max to entertain the crowd. Flickabirds Resort supported the event by allowing lake access and providing the first, second and third-place prizes for jumpers for the best costumes, which were given to Levi Armstrong (first place), Doug Armstrong (second place) and Vern Koepp (third place), according to Deb.

“I can’t believe it was 8 degrees and steaming; however, I would do it again if the money was right!” Deb said.

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