Beginning the first full week in May, May 2-8, National Pet Week celebrates the relationship and the circle of life between pets and humans. We recognize the pets that enrich our lives and encourage responsible pet care every day of the year. Pets are more than just a wagging tail at the door or a cuddle buddy on the couch!

Whether companion, comedian, confidant, or protector, our pets are always there for us. National Pet Week celebrates this bond and encourages pet owners to provide their best friends with everything they need for a happy, healthy life. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, pets are living longer now than they ever have before. And, as pets get older, they need extra care and attention.

The most popular pets are cats and dogs. People also keep other animals as pets, from snakes to insects to hamsters. They are fun to spend time with, but their owners need to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. Pets need healthy food, fresh water, and a comfortable place to sleep. Most pets also require regular exercise to stay fit. It is important to find out all about an animal and its needs before deciding whether it will fit well with you or your family.

Studies show that pet ownership has a number of health benefits for seniors. Seniors with pets have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduced stress, less risk of depression, and a better chance of long-term survival after a heart attack.

Older adults who own dogs enjoy better health. And the stronger the bond between a senior and their dog, the greater the health benefits. That’s because people who feel closer to their dogs are more likely to spend more time petting them, walking them, and playing with them. Hence, it makes sense to name canines as the “top dog” when it comes to the best pets for seniors.

Cats require less care and attention than dogs, making them a purr-fect furry companion for a senior who may not be able to regularly care for and walk a dog. They provide affection—even if it is on their own terms! Cats also give their owners a sense of responsibility and purpose as they settle into a routine that includes feeding the cat, playing with the cat, and scooping the cat box.

Some veterinarians recommend birds as ideal pets for seniors. They provide the same therapeutic benefits of companionship, daily routine, and reduced stress as animals, with less care requirements.

Show your pets how much you love them and maybe give them an extra treat during National Pet Week. Who loves you more than your pet?

The Friendship Café is open for limited indoor dining, takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery. COVID-19 precautions will be implemented and signage will be posted on the doors with established protocols. We are open Monday through Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Main entree, $6. Comes with a vegetable or fruit, bread and dessert.

Thursday, April 29: Baked Chicken Dinner.

Friday, April 30: Center closed.

Monday, May 3: Tater Tot Hot Dish.

Tuesday, May 4: Beef Stew w/ Cornbread.

Wednesday, May 5: Chicken Enchiladas.

Thursday, May 6: Philly Beef Sandwich.

Soup and Sandwich (Ham or Turkey) w/fruit, $6. Turkey or Ham Wrap w/cup of soup or salad, $7. Chef Salad or Taco Salad w/bread, $7. For payment we take cash or check.

Senior meal delivery program: If you are a senior citizen located in Isanti County and interested in delivery, call us at (763-689-6555) the night before or the morning of, between 8-10 a.m. Please state your name, phone number and address.

Package deal: You can order fresh, hot meals to be delivered to your home Monday thru Thursday for $25/week. This includes an extra bag on Thursday containing soup, bread and fruit for your weekend meal. Please call by Sunday and leave a message, including your name, phone number and address, to place your meal package order for the following week (763-689-6555).

The Senior Activity Center is located at 140 Buchanan St. N., Suite 164, Cambridge, 763-689-6555.

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